Dentist in Croydon

Natureza Dental Practice in Croydon is a local dental clinic offering holistic dentistry. This means the practice take a whole-body approach to dental care taking into account exercise routines, diet  and attitude to overall fitness and well-being.

Having a highly ethical and moral set of values leads them to create a service which is completely unique in the local Croydon, SE25 area of London.

By providing treatments such as amalgam removal and mercury free dentistry sets the practice apart from the other Croydon dentists.

Contact information

Natureza Dental Practice

 9 Portland Rd, Croydon, London SE25 4UF

 0208 654 3984

Dental treatments on offer

  • Preventive dentistry
    • Sensitive teeth
    • children’s teeth
    • dental hygiene
    • fresh breath
    • smoking cessation
    • mouth cancer  screening
  • general dentistry
    • Root canal treatment
    • emergency dentist
    • Dentist for pregnant women
    • Jaw joint problems
    • snoring solutions
    • oral surgery
    • healthy gum treatment
    • gum disease treatment
    • dental crowns and bridges
    • dentures
    • denture stabilisation
  • cosmetic dentistry
    • White fillings
    • porcelain veneers
    • teeth whitening
    • composite bonding/immediate veneers
    • dental implants
  • orthodontics
    • Invisalign
    • Damon braces
    • six month smiles
    • early intervention orthodontics
  • Mercury free dentistry