Gums bleeding

me me asked 1 year ago

I don’t always brush my teeth twice times a day and my gums bleed sometimes. My friends have told me that is normal to have gums bleed sometimes is this normal?

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admin anon Staff answered 1 year ago

Most dental health professionals recommend that gums should not bleed when you clean your teeth. They say that if your gums bleed it could indicate that your dental health is not as good as it should be. Dentists recommend that if you use dental floss or interdental brushes on a daily basis this will improve your dental health significantly and your gums should not bleed each time you clean your teeth. Bleeding gums can often be an early sign of gingivitis which if left unchecked can develop into the more serious periodontitis which can ultimately result in tooth loss.

If you have any other questions about your dental health and bleeding gums we recommend you visit your local dentist.

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