How are porcelain and prepless veneers different?

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lp10731 Staff asked 3 years ago

How are porcelain and prepless veneers different?

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dental blogger Staff answered 3 years ago

hi there,
great question.

The thing to bear in mind is that porcelain veneers are a type of treatment, prepless veneers are a way that treatment is delivered.

Let me explain.
porcelain veneers are a thin custom-made and very precise shell which fit over the surface of your teeth, generally, in order to realign the teeth in exactly one away the patient requires the surface of those teeth is reduced slightly, known as ‘preparing a tooth’.
after the tooth has been prepared it is often referred to as the ‘prep’.

prepless veneers therefore mean they are a porcelain veneer (although sometimes it could be a composite veneer) which are applied over the surface of the tooth without preparing the tooth surface.

So long as the tooth needs to be moved forwards or make bigger then this isn’t a problem but if a part of the tooth needs to be moved backwards or make to look smaller then adding a porcelain veneer over the top will simply make it look worse.

This is when veneer preparations really come into their own when the dentist has a look to decide how the new look should be and where the teeth need to be trimmed down in order to accept the new veneer in the new position.

I hope that helps 🙂
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