How are veneers stuck in

Aydan Thoen asked 5 years ago

I’ve had a veneer in the past and it fell out, my dentist stuck it back in really quickly but I was just wondering what do they use, can I buy it in case it happens again?

1 Answers
dental blogger Staff answered 5 years ago

Dental veneers are permanently bonded to your tooth using a special composite resin. The tooth will be carefully etched to provide a strong surface for the resin to adhere to, the inside of the dental veneer will also be treated to ensure that the resin bonds permanently to it. If a veneer falls out then any excess resin needs to be removed from the veneer and/or tooth prior to re-bonding. Unfortunately this means you can’t stick back any veneers which fall out yourself, you will need to visit the dentist.Hope that helps 🙂