how many veneers do I need?

Sebastian Patel asked 5 years ago

I have got really dark teeth and some are checked and wonky, I’d really like veneers that I can take in and out as I think they are cheaper. How many will I need?

Aydan Thoen replied 5 years ago

Yeah, I’d like to know this too, I’ve seen this thing is you can take in and out, they look cool

1 Answers
dental blogger Staff answered 5 years ago

Hi Sebastien, thank you for your question. Veneers that you can take in and out, for example you might wear them to go out at night or to a party etc, should always be considered a temporary solution. The material these types of veneers are made from could stain over time from red wine and food such as curry.

If you wanted to cover all of your teeth with this type of solution then all of the teeth are joined together in one continuous row, you would take all of them out at once.

A more permanent, cosmetic and custom-made solution is to have standard dental veneers. These can correct crooked teeth as well is make than whiter.

There is more information on dental veneers here.
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