What measures parent should take for their kids dental health

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jessica.smith asked 3 years ago

I am curious as to what preventive measures should take from the start for their kids dental health

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Dr Sheila Chauhan Staff answered 3 years ago

Kids develop the primary teeth from 6month to 2.5 years. During this time teaching to brush their teeth with kids friendly  toothpaste and be aware of sugary food intake.

Parents to brush the teeth and gradually teach the toddlers.

From age 6 years the permanent teeth will start to establish and primary teeth will be lost over the next 6-8 years

The fun of expecting of the the tooth fairy to visit as the baby teeth are lost.

But for the parents it is important to visit the dentist 6 monthly for check up to receive education to prevent dental caries but also to see the orthodontist to assess the developing dentition from the age of 7 years to detect early signs of crowding, abnormal bite and any unusual pathology.