Why do I Clench my Teeth?

Camilla Andersen asked 2 years ago

I recently started my teeth straightening treatment with clear aligners and have noticed my jaw becoming sore. I typically notice jaw clencing throughout the day, could this be because I am not used to wearing aligners on top of my teeth? I have not experienced this beforehand, so I am curious to know. Is there any consequences from clenching your teeth when wearing clear aligners or will this simply pass?

1 Answers
dental blogger Staff answered 2 years ago

thank you for your question. It will always take a little while to get used to wearing clear aligners, although this should only be a couple of weeks, if clenching persists it will be better to speak to a prescribing dentist. Clenching can cause headaches and might damage the aligner itself meaning it doesn’t work quite so well, it just depends on how much clenching goes on.