When Should Orthodontics be Started?

Orthodontic treatment can be undertaken from children as young as 6 right the way up to adult hood. With young children of this age orthodontics is often termed ‘preventive’ orthodontics as dentists are preventing further problems as the child gets older.

Typically a specialist orthodontist might remove some baby teeth to make way for adult teeth, or they may decide that some form of ‘ridge or arch’ expansion is required. This can be done to increase the size of the jaw if it is felt that is current too small.

The recommendation is to take you young child to a specialist orthodontist practice in London or the area that is close to you as soon as possible. This specialist will then be able to check your child’s teeth and advice you on the best option for possible treatment.

This treatment may involve orthodontics at a young age, or possibly waiting a while for more teeth to come through. In any event it’s best to seek this advice before the critical age is reached.

It is important to find an orthodontist that is a specialist in treating children of this age as many simply suggest that you wait until all the adult teeth have come through. This may not always be the best option as critical times in development may then have been missed and early intervention orthodontics could have worked better.

The advice is to go to the GDC (General Dental Council) and check their register for specialists orthodontists in your area, then ask them if they do early intervention or preventive orthodontic procedures.

Specialist Orthodontics requires a higher level qualification than a general dentist and they will typically have a great knowledge of the treatments and alternatives available to you.