Can tooth whitening help a tooth that has died?

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Katy Carter asked 3 years ago

When I was younger, I knocked out a tooth. My dentist managed to put it back in, but the tooth is dead and has turned a grey colour, making it stand out from my other teeth. Could teeth whitening help restore it to match the rest of my teeth?

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Admin Staff answered 3 years ago

hi Kay,
Great question. there are many different types of teeth whitening, some whitening is done from the front of the tooth at home whilst other types of whitening can be done from the back of the tooth but require the dentist to do this in the dental chair.
Sometimes it’s not possible to completely eradicate the greyness caused by a tooth dying with whitening alone, what is often required is for some dental whitening to be done on that single tooth to get it as close as possible and then have some form of dental veneer over the top to finally match the colour to your surrounding teeth.

lots of different alternatives for you to discuss with your dentist.

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