Cheap Salon Tooth Whitening

There is much controversy in the news at the moment about the merits of having tooth whitening in salons and non-dental establishments. There are a few things to consider when thinking about having tooth whitening in one of these places.

What if there is a problem with tooth whitening?

The act of placing a bleaching gel on to your teeth has inherent and clear problems if not handled correctly. If the gel comes in to contact with the gums this could cause dental burns and could damage the gums seriously.

The chances of this happening are extremely low when the whitening is done by a dentist, this is because the whitening trays that the gels sit in are custom made by a professional and checked by a skilled dentist for accurate fitting.

These accurate fitting trays then hold the gel on to your tooth only.

In the unlikely event that the gums do become irritated a dentist is trained to deal with this kind of problem, the question to ask is, what kind of training have these other places had?

Dental Health

Teeth Whitening is a dental procedure that ought to be done as part of an oral health plan. Sometimes tooth whitening is not indicated due to other dental problems such as decay and gum disease.

Dentists are clearly trained to spot gum disease, but are these salons? The answer obviously is no, because if they were trained to spot these problems they would be a registered dental professional and the whole issue would not arise!

Cross Infection

Dentists adhere to strict protocols to ensure that you stay safe. This includes the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and HTM-01-05 which is a government standard for cross infection control.

If a patient attended one of these salons before you that was HIV+ or a Hepatitis carrier would that bother you?

When visiting a dentist the standards of cross infection control are rigourously adhered to with expensive sterilisation equipment and stand alone sterilisation rooms.

We suggest you visit a dentist and ask to see their cross infection control procedures, then do the same with these salons. You will clearly see why a dentist#s fees for whitening may be more.

Difference in Tooth Whitening Fees

It may be a thrill to have tooth whitening, much like going on a roller coaster is a thrill. But would you want a roller coaster to do away with the seat belt, the safety checks each day or the training of the safety crew? No? Then why take the same risks with teeth whitening?