Surgery Teeth Whitening

Why have surgery tooth whitening?

This power whitening is a great way to lighten teeth in a short period of time, perhaps if you forget about and important event at the weekend, you can call your dentist and have your teeth lightened the next day.

The surgery teeth whitening treatments that dentists use are completely safe. They often use a soothing whitening process with a high powered light to reduce the stains in your dental enamel.

Zoom Power Light Whitening

The effect of this soothing whitening is made faster by a highly effective laser lamp lighting system. The lighting in Zoom whitening guarantees the brightening reaction with your teeth happens quicker than traditional brightening techniques, this means you get brighter and whiter teeth much quicker, typically in 45 minutes to one hour.

Zoom Whitening is the product used in Extreme Makeover in the United States and has been used on many individuals globally. So the technology is proven and efficient for the right person.

Zoom WhiteSpeed is a technically innovative lightening process used chairside at your dentist’s office. It’s perfect for anyone looking for immediate outcomes, and now with the most innovative LED lightening technological innovation from Philips, the outcomes are even better than ever.

There are, of course, other in-surgery whitening systems on the market and all provide a rapid option for tooth whitening within the hour.

How prolonged is the process and what will I feel during the whitening?

The surgery teeth whitening processes can take anything from 45– 90 mins dependent upon the degree of stains. You may wish to just sit, rest and have a brief nap or enjoy your preferred songs or view a film while your dentist looks after you!
Your whitening experience is just 3 actions away:

1. Sit and relax
2. Laser Brightening of your top and lower teeth
3. Show off your fresh and new satisfied smile