Inman Aligner

Dentists use the Inman Aligner as a modern new way to move your teeth in to more desirable positions.

So if you are disappointed with your look with twisted or irregular teeth and want the quickest outcome then the Inman Aligner my be for you.

Dentists often have a preference for the Inman Aligner due to it being:

  1. Fast, from times as low as 4 weeks it can move your front teeth in what dentists call ‘the aesthetic zone’
  2. Removable, you must keep your appliance in all the time, although you can remove it for 4 hours per day for eating and important public events.
  3. Gentle, the Inman Aligner uses a modern design in orthodontic technology to carefully move and pull your teeth with little irritation.

What can the Inman Aligner do?

The Inman Aligner is a treatment that can be used for

  1. upper and lower crowding
  2. movement before whitening
  3. protruding teeth
  4. uneven teeth
  5. alignment before veneers

How does the Inman Aligner work?

The aligner functions with a modern procedure which actually is able to push and pull teeth all at once.
The Inman Aligner isn’t appropriate for back teeth or moving front teeth a long way, however for common orthodontics on the top teeth it is often perfect and provides a fast orthodontic solution

How long does treatment take?

Inman Aligner therapy will take around ten to eighteen weeks. Simple situations can finish in a little over 30 days and more complicated situations might take 16 weeks or so. Your Inman Aligner Dentist will provide you with authentic information of what to anticipate. Normally your bottom front teeth shift a little quicker than top teeth.

However, because the Inman Aligner is so extremely effective, when a case is appropriate, it performs much quicker than substitute orthodontics methods. This is what makes it so modern and places the Inman Aligner into the areas of modern Aesthetic Treatments.

Once your teeth in the right place we can consider whitening them.