Ceramic Bracket Braces

The times of metal train track braces may be over, there is no need to have a mouth entirely full of steel train track braces.

One of the alternatives that your orthodontist may be able to provide are ceramic brackets. While these are not unseen, they are more simple than the conventional steel ones and many individuals find these more appropriate for their life style. Your professional orthodontist would be able to advise you if these would be the remedy for you.

The benefits of ceramic brackets is that they provide an outstanding outcome as well as be a affordable remedy.

Advantages of ceramic braces

  • They blend in with your teeth, particularly if they are not completely bright. They are not very recognizable at a range or in images.
  • Some individuals think they are more comfortable than steel train track braces and annoy your gum areas less.
  • Contrary to what you may be familiar with, ceramic brackets do not usually separate, fracture or come off your teeth. They are very powerful, and should remain a fixed as well as their metal counterparts.

Disadvantages of ceramic braces

  • The obvious or bright ligatures (little elastics that carry the orthodontic cable to the brackets) can blemish, this can spoil the look of the ceramic brackets. But those can be revised at your routine adjustment appointments.
  • Ceramic supports are are usually more costly than conventional metal supports.
  • From a simply aesthetic perspective, they are a bit bigger than metal brackets.
  • If you have serious tooth position issues, your orthodontist may not use ceramic supports in many situations, because they may not be powerful enough to move the teeth as required.

Dental braces cost

The cost of dental braces will clearly vary depending upon your geographical location and dentist, you can however expect braces to start at around £2000 per arch (for the top or bottom).

An important thing to also factor into the cost is to ask your dentist or orthodontist if this cost includes all retainers and all appointments. This will then avoid any unexpected charges and fees towards the end of treatment.

Dental wax for braces

If you find braces uncomfortable you may like to purchase some dental wax for braces as this can then alleviate much of the discomfort. Dental wax needs to be applied in a particular manner, you can find out more about how to apply dental wax here.