Fearful of the dentist

James Barwick asked 5 years ago

What is the best way to ensure the dentist takes your phobia seriously?

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dental blogger Staff answered 5 years ago

Thank you very much your question, James. Dentists are trained to deal with people that have anxieties about visiting the dentist, it’s quite common. There are some simple ways to make things easier, one of the simplest ways is to ensure you speak to the dentist beforehand, so many patients ignore their phobia and simply ‘try to get through’.

By letting the practice know in advance they can help you attend in small stages if need be, they may also be able to break treatment down into shorter more manageable steps. They can only do this if you tell them.

There are also some great websites that can help, dental fear central is one of them http://www.dentalfearcentral.org/

I hope that helps.

me me replied 5 years ago