how to straighten teeth without braces

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Jorden Lindeman asked 4 years ago

I’m really fed up because my teeth are very crooked and always have been from a kid. I got bullied at school and want to know if teeth can be straightened with out braces. They cost too much

replied 4 years ago

I bought a teeth straightening device. You can buy them on eBay or Amazon. Just type in teeth straightener and read what is it does. I wear mine night and then couple of hours day time. Really hurts to start of but then eases off. I have heard people who have had success with them.

admin anon Staff replied 4 years ago

Thanks for your answer here. Just be aware that teeth straightening, whilst seeming simple does actually take a dentist 5 years as a dentist PLUS a further 3 years on a MSc to learn how to do!

Please exercise extreme caution when purchasing over the counter treatments like this.

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