Is activated charcoal toothpaste okay to use?

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Swagner51 asked 4 years ago

One thing I have noticed nowadays, even with my own grandchildren, is the uptick in the use of charcoal toothpaste. I know that it is more than likely a fad, but is it healthy to use on your teeth? Will it cause damage? Is it an okay alternative to regular fluoride toothpaste?

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dental blogger Staff answered 4 years ago

hi there, thank you so much your question… It’s a great question that many people wonder about.
The Internet suggests that there does seem to be some evidence that charcoal toothpaste ‘appears’ to keep teeth clean, it’s not sure whether there is anything within the activated charcoal which makes this process happen or whether it’s just the fact that the charcoal is rather abrasive and rots away the surface of teeth.
Re: using it as an alternative to regular fluoride toothpaste, dentists seem to not advise this
As ones teeth undergo the acid attack which happens every day from the bacteria in your mouth the enamel demineralises. In order to stay strong it needs to be remineralised. This is where fluoride comes in, fluoride helps the re-mineralisation process ensuring your teeth stay strong and resistant to that acid attack.
Without fluoride in the toothpaste one may find that one’s teeth are more susceptible to decay.
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