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asked 4 years ago

can anyone help me of how to go about special dental care i was terrified of the dentist for years 8yrs ago i got diagnosed with a incurrable illness which am on massive amounts of medication oxygen nebs heliox and cpap my front teeth have now came out one of which was ripped during a intensive care stay originslly it was just the back teeth but due to the palet getting so dry with the oxygen iy hurts alot am now desperate as i wont go out am badly depressed that i look awful iv already attempted to commit suicide please please can anyone help mex

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dental blogger Staff answered 4 years ago

firstly, thank you for your question, it shows you want to resolve the problem and that is a great start.

The thing about anxiety at the dentist is that one needs to be able to trust the dentist you see. Modern dentistry really can be comfortable and, if you agree things like ‘stop ‘signals’ you can remain in control and have regular breaks.

Where are you located? We can see if we can help with a local dentist that is gentle, kind, considerate and an expert in dealing with people with anxiety.

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