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We are here to be your free dental helpline in the UK, to be a resource for dental treatments and to offer non-patient specific dental information on treatments, outcomes and dental problems.

Our panel of experts come from a mix of NHS and Private dental practices across the UK, including general dentists and specialist orthodontists. Our panel of dentists can provide answers to questions about common dental problems such as:

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Please take care and caution when following any advice and see our site disclaimer.

Who are the panel of experts?
The  main content of this website is not written by a dentist, however the list of dentist at the foot of this website in the ‘find a dentist near me’ section are all on hand to answer any specific questions and act as advisers as and when necessary. Inclusion in this list does not infer their endorsement of this website nor does it infer an endorsement of their website.
Who can ask a question?
Anyone can ask a dental question on the site, this is open to the general public, anyone wishing to ask a question does however need to be registered on the site to ensure order is kept.
Who will answer my question?
Any questions can be answered by any registered user on the website.
If I ask a question will you use my data for anything else?
No, we will not use your data for anything other than registering on this site as a user, we will send you know other e-mails other than to let you know that your posts have been approved, disproved or responded to.

We hope you find the content on this website useful and if so, please feel free to share with your friends.

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